So Fancy

The Fancy Mirror Booth is the “must have” Wedding Photo Booth.

This is the Photo Booth that won’t look out of place in the most beautiful of venues. Not only does this Photo Booth ooze elegance and class, the photographic quality and fun process that it offers will leave your guests in awe. Guests will rock up to the booth, check themselves out, pose and pout, and then, to their astonishment their full size creation will pop up on the screen for them to decide whether they want to keep or delete!

When guests are happy with their photos, for the fully interactive experience, they can then add emojis and digital props if they wish and even sign off with a message to the happy couple. We will encourage your guests to come back with anyone and everyone they would like to have a photo with, our aim is to fill your guest book with as many fantastic photos as possible while you are celebrating your special day with your guests.

We offer a double print package as standard, which means that your guests have a copy of their photo to share and we add a copy to your guest book …over a three hour hire everyone goes home with photos!

We also offer bespoke packages to suit your budget and if you would like just a few more copies for guests to share or would prefer every person in every photo to have a copy of their creation just let us know.