Terms & Conditions


      The Client means the person or company booking The Fancy Mirror Booth Co.

      The Company means The Fancy Mirror Booth Co.

      In Writing means via email

1  :  Bookings , Deposits , Payments & Cancellation:

I. 1 : A booking does not stand until a deposit has been paid to the company 

1. 2: A deposit of one hundred pounds, is required to secure a booking with The Company. 

       We reserve the right to request a smaller deposit amount in some circumstances.

1 .3: The deposit will only be refundable if The Client notifies The Company in writing that they wish to cancel their booking within 14 days of making the booking.

1. 4: An invoice in respect of the due balance will be emailed to The Client and must be paid not less than 28 days before the date of the  event.

1 .5: If the balance is not received, and contact not made The Company reserves the right to cancel the booking.

       Full payment will be due.

1 .6:If a cancellation occurs in the period between 14 days of booking and 90 days before date of event no extra fee will be due.

      If cancellation occurs less than 90 days before event date  25% of balance will be due

      If cancellation occurs less than 60 days before event date  50% of balance will be due

      If cancellation occurs less than 30 days before event date 100% of balance will be due

1 .7: In the event that the event date needs to be changed The Company will happily do so if at all possible. If this is not possible and the Client has to cancel the booking completely, the deposit will be retained by The Company.

1. 8:The Company will clarify booking details with The Client in writing. It is The Client’s responsibility to ensure that all of the details are correct and notify The Company of any amendments that are to be made.

1.9 :The Company reserves the right to amend pricing at any given time with either special offers or price increases, this does not affect agreed pricing on contracts.

2  : The Venue:

2. 1: It is The Clients responsibility to ensure that the venue permits and can accommodate The Mirror Photo Booth and that there is suitable access to both the building and function room. If the event is to take place above or below ground level a lift mus be available that is suitably large enough for the Mirror Photo Booth. 

2. 3: The Mirror Photo booth requires a minimum of 2m W x 2m L x  2.5m H  and access to a  standard plug socket .Once it has been set up The Mirror Photo Booth cannot be relocated.

2. 4: The Mirror Photo Booth is strictly for indoor use only unless otherwise agreed with The Company. 

2. 5: In the event of a delayed start due to events over running or access restrictions The Company will not be

       liable to extend the hire period beyond the contracted hire time.

       In some circumstances,we may at our discretion choose to make up some of the lost hire time.

2 .6 If The Company has to start later than the contracted time due to unpreventable travel problems or equipment issues, we will make up any lost time where possible or offer partial refund.

3 :   The Equipment:

3. 1 : The Photo Booth is supplied on a hire basis only to The Client for a time period specified by             The Client as agreed on the booking form.

3. 2: Very rarely, the Photo Booth may malfunction. We will do whatever we can to rectify the situation as quickly as possible. If the printer stops working and cannot be fixed  we will continue to photograph the guests and send the images to The Client as soon as possible after the event.We will not be liable for any refund.

        If the camera malfunctions and hire has to cease, we will only be liable to refund money for the time period that we couldn’t carry out our terms of contract.

3. 3: We reserve the right to refuse use of the Mirror Booth and related equipment if we feel that it is at risk of damage.

3. 4: The Client is responsible for indemnifying The Company for any loss, theft, damage to The Photo Booth and related equipment and all expenses and liabilities incurred by The Company from any such losses.

       All goods remain the property of the company at all times.

       The props are for use when being photographed at the Mirror Booth and are not to be taken away from the Booth area.

3. 5: Children under the age of 10 years must be accompanied by an adult at all times when using the Mirror Booth . Due to the sensitivity of the software it will be down to the attendants discretion as to whether children are  permitted to touch the screen as sticky fingers and over enthusiasm can impact on the Mirror Booth’s function ,resulting in other guest’s enjoyment of the Mirror Booth being compromised. Both the Mirror Booth and the props will add huge amounts of fun to your event but they are not  intended to be used as toys for the younger guests. 

3. 6: If we The Company or any of our representatives feel threatened in any way by any guests of The Client we will close The Photo Booth until matters are resolved and we feel comfortable to re-open. No refund will be due. 

3. 7: The Company accepts no liability for any damage or injury to any person when using The Photo Booth and related equipment.

3. 8: If for any reason beyond our control The Company cannot carry out the hire of equipment according to the terms of the agreement The Company’s liability is restricted to a full refund of monies paid by The Client. 

       No further compensation will be due.

4 :   Use of  Images

4.1: The Client gives The company permission to use images taken at their event for advertising and promotional purpose unless otherwise requested in writing.  The Company may use some  images either in print and/or on their website The Fancy Mirror Booth Company and on Facebook or other social media sites . However, if we are requested to remove any images we will do so immediately.We The Fancy Mirror Booth Co. will not be liable in any way if images have been distributed in print before any such request has  been made.

4.2:The Company will not use images that may cause any embarrassment.